Release Notes - July 13th, 2022

Updated free trial account parameters to include watermarks on all outgoing SMS messages.

Release Notes – June 8th, 2022

Updated free trial account usage limitation.

Release Notes – May 12th, 2022

Updated phone number limit for free trial accounts.
Added Verified Number requirement for free trial accounts.

Release Notes - February 28th, 2022

Updated Dashboard’s Call Log filters.
Updated the SDKs for List Calls.
Bug fixes.

Release Notes - January 26th, 2022

Updated starting credit amount for new trial accounts.
Bug fixes.

Release Notes - December 16th, 2021

Expansion of phone number querying.
Updates to the SDKs for phone number querying.
Improvements to the Dashboard and Developer Hub.

Release Notes - November, 10th 2021

Improvements to the Dashboard.
Bug fixes.

Release Notes - October, 27th 2021

Bug fixes.

Release Notes - September, 29th 2021

Added new content to better organize SDKs, Tools, and Sample Apps.
Improvements to Dashboard and Documentation.
Bug fixes.