Shared 10DLC Campaign Support

Shared 10DLC Campaigns: Users with a paid FreeClimb account can now view 10DLC campaigns created within The Campaign Registry (TCR) in their FreeClimb dashboard. To share 10DLC campaigns with FreeClimb, select 'FreeClimb' as your Connectivity Partner under the 'Other Responsible Parties' section when creating the campaign within the TCR dashboard. Then, Contact Support with your shared campaign ID and FreeClimb account ID to complete the process.

Off-Net Number Support

Off-Net Numbers: Users with a paid FreeClimb account can now register and view Off-Net Numbers in their FreeClimb dashboard. For more information on Off-Net Numbers and 10DLC, visit Understanding 10DLC.

10DLC Messaging Support

10DLC Messaging: Users with a paid FreeClimb account can now utilize 10DLC messaging. For more information, visit Understanding 10DLC.

Release Notes - July 13th, 2022

Updated free trial account parameters to include watermarks on all outgoing SMS messages.

Release Notes – June 8th, 2022

Updated free trial account usage limitation.

Release Notes – May 12th, 2022

Updated phone number limit for free trial accounts.
Added Verified Number requirement for free trial accounts.

Release Notes - February 28th, 2022

Updated Dashboard’s Call Log filters.
Updated the SDKs for List Calls.
Bug fixes.

Release Notes - January 26th, 2022

Updated starting credit amount for new trial accounts.
Bug fixes.

Release Notes - December 16th, 2021

Expansion of phone number querying.
Updates to the SDKs for phone number querying.
Improvements to the Dashboard and Developer Hub.