Release Notes - September, 29th 2021

Added new content to better organize SDKs, Tools, and Sample Apps.
Improvements to Dashboard and Documentation.
Bug fixes.


  • FreeClimb’s SDKs and CLI resources are now accessible in the new SDK & Tools landing page.


  • Added a Voice and SMS Sample Apps section to the Dashboard for easier discovery.
  • Added a Latest Updates section to the Dashboard, offering FreeClimb-related resources, tips, and news.
  • Updated our Developer Hub, making it easier to find helpful resources like Voice and SMS Quickstarts, Tutorials, and Guides. 
  • If an upgraded user’s account balance falls below $0.00, they will now be charged for the negative balance plus their selected top-up amount to avoid multiple charges in one day.


  • Fixed a bug where users were not automatically logged in after using GitHub Credentials to create an account.
  • Fixed a bug where users were logged out of the Dashboard too quickly due to inactivity.
  • Fixed styling and functionality bugs in the Dashboard.