Release Notes- December 11th, 2019


  • Updated styling in Dashboard and Support Site with new FreeClimb branding colors.
  • Removed hover-state from "Numbers" in Dashboard to prevent user confusion when the navigation feature is not clickable.
  • Updated loading experience on login to the Dashboard.
  • Made all external links on FreeClimb pages (marketing, docs, dashboard) open in a new tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug to ensure that FreeClimb will process DTMF input if detected when an audio file is being downloaded and before the audio file is played.
  • Fixed code to invoke CallConnectUrl and the CallStatusUrl and mark the status as failed in case of Make a Call failure.
  • Fixed bug to ensure that RecordUtterance correctly reports audio recording duration even if the user hangs up while recording.
  • Fixed bug to ensure that when Make a Call fails, CallConnectUrl and the CallStatusUrl is invoked and and the status is marked as "failed". 
  • Fixed bug to ensure that audio recordingUrl obtained via RecordUtterance is returned to the application even when it is terminated by call hangup.