Release Notes - May 27th, 2020

New Features

  • We've made it even easier to get up and running with FreeClimb. Now, a local FreeClimb number and default application are automatically set up and configured for all new accounts.


  • Webhook HTTP Headers now include the prefix FreeClimb-{HEADER} instead of X-Pulse-{HEADER} (*e,g., X-Pulse-Signature is now FreeClimb-Signature).

  • Users accessing the documentation through the Dashboard link will now be directed to the documentation landing page.

  • By default, FreeClimb Messages are now sorted in reverse chronological order, matching how we sort other FreeClimb resources.

  • The App Config section of the FreeClimb Dashboard now includes more information on how to use each URL endpoint.

Bug Fixes

  • The status of a Conference call leg is now properly updated to populated when a participant joins a conference with startConfOnEnter: false.

  • Account usage reports on the FreeClimb Dashboard now update hourly.