Release Notes - December 16th, 2021

Expansion of phone number querying.
Updates to the SDKs for phone number querying.
Improvements to the Dashboard and Developer Hub.


  • Added four new accepted query parameters (country, region, smsEnabled, and voiceEnabled) to the List available numbers API.
  • Added six new accepted query parameters (applicationId, country, hasApplication, region, smsEnabled, and voiceEnabled) to the List incoming numbers API.
  • Updated SDKs to support new accepted query parameters for List available numbers and List incoming numbers APIs.
  • Added new query parameter information to the Developer Hub.
  • Added error for invalid query parameter input to the Error and Warning Dictionary.
  • Added a Voice and SMS Quickstart section to the Dashboard, allowing users to see if they have what they need before selecting a quickstart.
  • Updated timeout behavior for the Dashboard.