Available numbers

Available Numbers are FreeClimb phone numbers available for purchase. The properties of the Available Phone Numbers resource provides a means to search for phone numbers that are available to buy.


Phone numbers available on FreeClimb are PSTN only. SIP is not supported.


You use pattern matching to search for phone numbers that match your needs. When an available number is identified for purchase, make an HTTP POST request to the IncomingPhoneNumbers endpoint using the number as the phoneNumber parameter.

The list of Available Phone Number resources is accessible to all accounts.

Resource properties

phoneNumberstringThe phone number, in E.164 format (+ country code and phone number: +18003608245).
aliasstringA nicely-formatted version of the phone number.
regionstringThe state or province of this phone number.
countrystringThe country of this phone number.
capabilitiesobjectIndicates whether the phone number is enabled for different features. Capabilities list: voice, sms, tollFree, tenDLC, shortcode. Each capability accepts a boolean value of true or false.