Enable Toll-Free A2P SMS

Register your Toll-Free number so that you can start sending messages on FreeClimb.


Before you begin

Toll-Free A2P SMS messaging requires a full FreeClimb account. Please ensure you've upgraded your account. If you're still using a trial account, you can upgrade your account on the Account > Upgrade section of your dashboard or by contacting FreeClimb Support.

Step 1: Purchase a Toll-Free Number(s)

Toll-Free A2P SMS messaging registration is tied to a specific number(s). Before proceeding with the Toll-Free A2P Registration process, please purchase the Toll-Free number(s) that you would like to associate with your use case.

Step 2: Complete the Toll-Free A2P SMS Registration Form

The Toll-Free Registration form will prompt you for information regarding your company, your contact information, and details about your SMS messaging use case, including how users opt-in and sample messages. Please note that if you are an ISV registering the use case on behalf of a customer, the company information should be the customer or brand that the consumer believes the message is coming from. FreeClimb Support staff will review the registration form once submitted and work with you to identify any areas that may need to be corrected prior to submitting to the registration authority. To avoid delays, please reference our A2P SMS Messaging Registration Guidelines page prior to submitting your Toll-Free A2P SMS Registration form.

The verification process for Toll-Free SMS messaging can take 6-8 weeks. Once we have received your form, the registration status of your Toll-Free number(s) will show as Pending. Once the TFN(s) is verified, you will be notified by FreeClimb support, and the status will be updated within FreeClimb as Registered. You can then begin sending messages from your registered Toll Free Number(s)!

Step 3: Start Sending SMS using your Toll-Free Number

FreeClimb recommends that you test sending messages using your sample verbiage to a variety of carriers to confirm delivery as part of your testing process prior to sending production traffic.


Please note

Sending traffic which does not comply with the CTIA guidelines, drifts from your registered use case, includes prohibited content, or exceeds the approved limits at which you are allowed to send, may result in your messages being filtered, your use case registration being suspended, or your FreeClimb account being suspended. Prohibited content includes "S.H.A.F.T." use cases or content related to Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Vape/E-cigs.

Toll-Free SMS Messaging Limits on FreeClimb

Toll-Free SMS Messaging throughput is typically 15 messages per second. If your use case requires increased throughput, please contact FreeClimb Support.