Using Your Free Trial Account

All new users start with a free trial account, a $20 credit, and one randomly assigned long code FreeClimb number. Developing with a trial account gives you the same experience and access to features as a full paid account, with a few restrictions to ensure the security of the platform.

Verifying outbound numbers

As a trial user, the numbers you want to call or message must be verified first. This helps keep FreeClimb free from spammers and bad actors. To verify a phone number, go to Numbers>Verified Numbers in your dashboard and use the Add A Number button to enter the number you wish to verify.


Only US numbers are supported at this time for verified numbers.

A code will be sent to the device, which you will then enter on your dashboard. After the code is confirmed, you can start making calls and sending messages right away.

Trial account limitations

Phone number limitations



FreeClimb numbers

1 number per account (long code or toll-free)

Outbound numbers

Verified numbers only

SMS short codes

Contact support


Trial accounts are limited to one FreeClimb number

All trial accounts are automatically assigned one long code when they first sign up. If you wish to use a different number, you must first delete your current number and then buy a new one. This will deduct $0.75 from your free trial credit. To learn more about number types, read Understanding Number Types. To purchase more than one number without limitations, you can upgrade your account.

Voice limitations



Total completed calls: long code (inbound & outbound)

10,000 minutes

Total completed calls: toll-free (outbound)

5,000 minutes

Five minute rate of calls: long code

Net 75 calls

24 hour rate of calls: long code

Net 400 calls

Call duration

2 hours

Concurrent calls

50 calls


What are net rate limits?

We set limits on the number of phone calls and messages compared to the number of calls and messages over specified time periods. For example, if your application makes 100 outbound calls and receives 60 inbound calls during a five minute interval, we would count that as net 40 calls, which is within the net 75 calls limit for that time period.

Messaging limitations



Total SMS inbound

10,000 messages

Five minute rate of SMS outbound

Net 75 messages

24 hour rate of SMS outbound

Net 400 messages

Messages per second (mps)

Long code: 1 mps
Toll-free: 1 mps

Recordings limitations



Recordings storage

1 GB


Monitoring your limits

We'll send you an email if your account is approaching any of these limits.

Upgrading your account

When you’re ready to access the full power of the platform, become a full account user to remove all restrictions. You can upgrade your account by entering your credit card details under Account > Upgrade. If you choose to upgrade before your trial has ended, any unused credit will be added to your upgraded account balance.


Have a question about how a free trial account can fit the needs of your team? We're here to lend a hand. Contact support or check out one of our guides for more information.