Try It Out

A collection of code snippets with step-by-step instructions.

Before you start

The first step is to create a FreeClimb trial account. Trial accounts have a few things already set up for you:

Install your languages and tools

If you've developed in your chosen language before, you may already have these tools in place. If not, be sure to install everything before diving in.

Follow a how-to guide

Once you've created a free trial account and installed the right tools you're ready to dive into a voice how-to guide:

Basic Calling

Accept an Incoming Call

List Calls

Make an Outbound Call


Connect a Caller to Another Party

Create a Conference and Add Participants

List Conferences

List Conference Participants


Handle a Call Queue

Get a Queue

Update a Queue

List Queues

Create a Queue

Get a Queue Member

List Queue Members

Dequeue a Member


Create a Recording

List Recordings

Play a Recording

Stream a Recording

Delete a Recording


Collect Digits

Add Speech Recognition