With FreeClimb, you can record calls and have the audio file created available for later review.

Recordings are a subresource of Calls and Conferences, which means that you can navigate directly from a call or a conference to the recording generated from that very call or conference.

All recordings are owned by the account used to create them, and they are stored until they have been explicitly deleted.

Initiating a recording

Recordings can be initiated whenever you initiate a call or create a conference. You can initiate a recording regardless of whether you initiated the call or created the conference via the FreeClimb API or using the appropriate Recordings PerCL commands.

Recording during an in-progress call or conference

RecordUtterance allows you to record a caller’s voice for a short duration of time. For example, the application can ask the user to state their name or in a few words state what they are calling regarding and make a recording of their response.

The StartRecordCall records the current call, for example recording a customer care call for monitoring and quality assurance of customer service. Once the recordings are complete, the application receives a URL of a file containing the audio recording.

Reviewing recordings

You can review recordings created by FreeClimb by making the appropriate call to the FreeClimb API. You can choose to stream the recording or to download it.

Ready to try recordings with FreeClimb?

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