Understanding 10DLC

Send and receive messages on local DID phone numbers with 10DLC messaging.

Enabling 10DLC on FreeClimb

To start utilizing 10DLC (10-digit long code) phone numbers on FreeClimb and guarantee maximum throughput-per-minute (TPM) rates, you'll need to let us know about your brand and the nature of the messages you'll be sending. Once you've completed the brand and campaign registration steps below, you'll be able to assign one or more FreeClimb phone numbers to your campaign and get started.


10DLC messaging requires a full FreeClimb account

Since 10DLC messaging on FreeClimb is only available to full account holders, please ensure you've upgraded your account. If you're still using a trial account, you can upgrade your account on the Account > Upgrade section of your dashboard or by contacting FreeClimb support.

Step 1: Register your brand

Brand registration can be completed using our 10DLC Registration Form, which can also be reached from the 10DLC Messaging section in your FreeClimb dashboard. You'll be prompted to enter your contact information, as well as details about your company and/or brand, such as its name, organization type, and business vertical (e.g., financial services, healthcare, consumer products, education, etc.). Our team will then verify your submission and provide you with a brand ID, which is required to register a 10DLC campaign, as well as your maximum throughput-per-minute (TPM) rate.

Based on the results of initial brand registration, you may choose to submit your brand for additional vetting with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to improve your preliminary throughput-per-minute (TPM) rate. If you wish to undergo additional brand vetting, please contact FreeClimb support for assistance. Vetting fees may vary.

Step 2: Register your campaign

Once you've received your 10DLC FreeClimb brand ID and TPM rate, register your campaign using our 10DLC Registration Form. You'll be prompted to enter some account and contact information, as well as details about your campaign:

  • Campaign Description: A few sentences summarizing your campaign.
  • Use Case: Drop-down menu selection of your intended use for 10DLC messaging (e.g., two-factor authentication (2FA), customer care, marketing, security alerts, etc.).
  • Vertical: Drop-down menu selection of your business vertical (e.g., financial services, healthcare, consumer products, education, etc.).
  • Sample Message(s): One to three examples of messages you plan to deliver with 10DLC on FreeClimb.
  • Opt-in, Opt-out, and Help Messages: Message content that will be sent to recipients in the event that they opt-in, opt-out, or request help.

Once you submit your campaign registration information, our team will submit it to The Campaign Registry (TCR), a third-party hub for registering and qualifying 10DLC messaging campaigns. Each brand submission incurs a variable one-time fee, as well as ongoing monthly rates. When your campaign is qualified, you'll be able to conveniently review your brand and campaign information (i.e., brand name/ID, registration date, and brand status*) in your FreeClimb dashboard.


A Note on Brand Statuses

When registration is completed, TCR assigns brands a VERIFIED or UNVERIFIED status based on supplied information. If your brand shows an UNVERIFIED identity status, then your brand will not qualify to run 10DLC SMS campaigns on any MNO (Mobile Network Operator) network. Below is a complete list of applicable brand statuses:

  • UNVERIFIED: TCR is unable to verify or identify the existence of the brand. An UNVERIFIED brand is not permitted to run a 10DLC campaign.
  • VERIFIED: TCR is able to verify provided information and identify the existence of the organization. A VERIFIED brand is permitted to run standard 10DLC campaigns across all MNO networks.
  • VETTED_VERIFIED: A VETTED_VERIFIED brand may potentially gain access to higher throughput (message segments per second) and additional use-cases across some MNO networks.

Step 3: Link phone numbers

With brand and campaign registration completed, you are now ready to link your FreeClimb 10DLC-enabled phone numbers or Off-Net numbers (see below) from your dashboard, or by sending an email to FreeClimb Support. You can also purchase additional numbers. As a reminder, toll-free phone numbers are not eligible to be linked to 10DLC campaigns and therefore will not appear in the list of available numbers to be linked to your 10DLC campaign.


Off-Net numbers

To 10DLC-enable Off-Net numbers, or numbers not hosted on FreeClimb, you can download a Letter of Agency (LOA) for the requested numbers and email it to FreeClimb Support. Once the LOA is received, we will initiate the process for 10DLC-enablement and inform you when the requested number(s) will be available to manage in the FreeClimb dashboard. Please note that Off-Net 10DLC numbers will be enabled for 10DLC SMS traffic only. Voice traffic will not be ported to FreeClimb.