The TerminateConference command terminates an existing Conference. Any active participants are hung up on by FreeClimb. If this is not the desired behavior, use the RemoveFromConference command to unbridge Calls that should not be hung up.

TerminateConference is a terminal command.


The Call requesting TerminateConference must be on the same Conference for this command to execute.

When a Conference is terminated, it causes all existing Calls in it to end. The statusCallbackUrl for each of these Calls will be invoked (if the URL has been set). Further, the statusCallbackUrl specified upon creating the Conference will be invoked upon the Conference becoming terminated. Once a Conference is terminated, it cannot be used again, so you can’t add participants to a terminated Conference. FreeClimb will also not reuse the conferenceId.

Nesting Rules

No actions can be nested within TerminateConference and TerminateConference cannot be nested in any other actions.


      "TerminateConference" : {}

Command Attributes

TerminateConference does not support any attributes.