The TranscribeUtterance command transcribes the caller’s voice, returns transcription of the audio and, optionally, returns the recording of the audio transcribed.

TranscribeUtterance is a blocking and terminal command. As such, the actionUrl property is required in the command. Control of the Call picks up using the PerCL provided by the user in response to the result posted to the actionUrl. Recording and Transcription information is returned in the actionUrl post. If the reason this command ended was due to the call hanging up, any PerCL provided in response will not execute.

Nesting Rules

The following actions may be within the TranscribeUtterance command.


The commands are not directly nested but are contained in the prompts attribute as a list of commands. See example below. The nested commands (Say, Play, and Pause) will have Barge-In enabled.

The TranscribeUtterance command cannot be nested within any other command.


        "TranscribeUtterance": {
            "actionUrl": "",
            "record" : {
                "maxLengthSec" : 15,
                "saveRecording" : true,
                "rcrdTerminationSilenceTimeMs" : 2000
            "playBeep": true,
            "prompts": [
                    "Say": {
                        "text" : "Please leave a message after the beep."

Command Attributes

TranscribeUtterance supports the following attributes that modify its behavior:

actionUrlURL to which information about the completed recording (if record is true) and transcribed text is posted. The PerCL received in response from the user is then used to continue call processing.
playBeepIndicates whether to play a beep sound before the start of the recording. If set to false, no beep is played
recordEncapsulates all of the configuration options for recording. Existence of this parameter will turn on recording for the captured audio. All parameters within this block are optional. An empty record object can be specified to turn on recording with defaults for all parameters below. Any DTMF detected will terminate recording.
privacyForLoggingWhen set to true, the contents of the transcription attribute will be replaced with the string "xxxxx" in the logs. It's important to note that privacyForLogging is set at the command level, meaning it will not be inherited for privacyMode by any nested commands.
privacyForRecordingRecordings made with privacyForRecording set to true will only be available for download for 2 minutes. Any full call recording will be squelched while recording is running.
promptsThe JSON array of Say, Play, and Pause PerCL commands to nest within the command. The nested actions are executed while FreeClimb is waiting for input from the caller. This allows for playing menu options to the caller and to prompt for the expected input. These commands stop executing when the caller begins to speak (i.e., Barge-In is enabled for these nested prompts).



Type: absolute URL

URL to which information on the completed recording is submitted. The PerCL received in response is then used to continue with Call processing.



Type: boolean
Default: false


saveRecordingbooleanfalseoptionalWhen set to true, a recording for captured audio will be made available.
rcrdTerminationSilenceTimeMsinteger>03000optionalThe time duration for silence in input before the recording is completed due to inactivity.

(min:1, max 25)
25optionalThe maximum length of the audio capture. Specified in seconds as this is typically a much larger value than the other timeouts involved in recording which are specified in milliseconds. Value below 1 second will be set to 1 second. Value above 25 seconds will be set to 25 seconds.



Type: boolean
Default: false



Type: boolean
Default: false



Type: Array
Default: null

Usage notes

Command Completion

Whenever record/transcribe combinations are specified, whichever action takes the longest will determine when the callback is invoked. There will be only one callback with the results from any/all of the options chosen. Total timeout for this command will be the maximum value of the maxLengthSec parameter (15 sec).

Privacy/PCI Compliance

If a recording is generated, this recording will only be available for download for 2 minutes prior to deletion.

It's important to note that privacy flags are set at the command level, if Play, Say, or Pause specify privacy flags, these will be used instead of the TranscribeUtterance privacy flags.

privacyForLoggingprivacyForRecordingloggingutterance recordingfull call recording