Call Queues

Queues are the primary means of keeping callers waiting. A Queue is an object to hold callers until they can be provided the service they seek. Queues can be created ahead of time and are deleted automatically when they change state from populated to empty.

Resource properties

uristringURI for this resource, relative to the API base URL.
dateCreatedstring date-timeDate that this resource was created (GMT), in RFC 1123 format (e.g., Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:45:30 GMT).
dateUpdatedstring date-timeDate that this resource was last updated (GMT), in RFC 1123 format (e.g., Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:45:30 GMT).
revisionintegerRevision count for the resource. Count is set to 1 on creation and is incremented every time it is updated.
accountIdstringID of the account that created this Queue.
queueIdstringA string that uniquely identifies this Queue resource.
aliasstringA description for this Queue.
currentSizeintegerCount of Calls currently in the Queue.
maxSizeintegerThe maximum number of Calls permitted in the Queue. Default is 100. Maximum is 1000.
averageQueueRemovalTimeintegerThe average amount of time (in seconds) for a call to be removed from the queue.
subresourceUrisobjectList of subresources for this Queue (which includes Queue members).