The RemoveFromConference command removes a Participant from a Conference but does not hang up. Instead, the Call is simply unbridged and what happens next with the Call is determined by the PerCL returned in response to the leaveConferenceUrl attribute:

  • If a leaveConferenceUrl was specified when adding the Call to the Conference, the Call remains available for other actions.
  • If no leaveConferenceUrl was specified, the Call is considered to have ended and is disconnected.


Calls can only request RemoveFromConference on other calls that are in the same Conference as itself, including requesting itself be removed from Conference.

Nesting Rules

No actions can be nested within RemoveFromConference and RemoveFromConference cannot be nested in any other actions.


      "RemoveFromConference" : {
         "callId" : "CA2b3f987c5f848fd2168f6324b39efb249bed599d"

Command Attributes

RemoveFromConference supports the following attributes that modify its behavior:



Type: string
Default: null

ID of the Call leg to be removed from the Conference. For a Call to remove itself, it is required that it specify its own callId in this parameter. Can only be another Call in the Conference to which the current Call belongs.