An outbound SMS has changed status and the notificationUrl from the Sms command or Send an SMS request is being invoked. A PerCL response will be ignored.

Request ParameterTypeDescription
accountIdstringAccount ID associated with your account.
messageIdstringUnique ID for this message, generated by FreeClimb.
callIdstringUnique ID for the Call in the context of which the Sms PerCL command was issued.
fromstringPhone number used to initiate the SMS message (in E.164 format).
tostringDestination number of the SMS message (in E.164 format).
textstringBody of the SMS message.
directionstringValue will be outbound to indicate an outgoing SMS from FreeClimb.
applicationIdstringID of the application to which the destination number is assigned. May be null if the originating number is invalid in some way or is not registered to an application.
requestTypestringValue will be messageStatus - An outbound SMS has changed status and the Sms command's notificationUrl is being invoked.
statusstringThe status of the SMS at the time the callback was sent. Valid values are:

queued - Message has been accepted by the platform but has not yet been submitted to an SMS provider.

rejected - Request to send an SMS failed some basic check, and the platform decided not to send a message. Examples of rejected requests:
1.from number doesn't belong to the requesting account
2. to number not in service area
3. text message is too long, etc.

sending - Message is in the process of being sent to an upstream SMS provider by the platform.

sent - Message has been delivered to an upstream SMS provider by the platform.

failed - Message was submitted to one or more upstream SMS providers but none of them accepted the message, and no suitable potential providers remain to try the message on.

expired - Message failed to send after the carrier repeatedly attempted to deliver the message within a period of time.

deleted - Message failed as it was deleted by the carrier.

unknown - Message failed to send but the carrier did not provide any reason why.
phoneNumberIdstringID of the destination phone number.