campaignIdstringAlphanumeric identifier assigned by the registry for a campaign. This identifier is required by the NetNumber OSR SMS enabling process of 10DLC.
resellerIdstringAlphanumeric identifier of the reseller that you want to associate with this campaign.
accountIdstringID of the account that created this Campaign.
statusstringCurrent campaign status. Possible values: ACTIVE, EXPIRED. A newly created campaign defaults to ACTIVE status.
brandIdstringAlphanumeric identifier of the brand associated with this campaign.
autoRenewalbooleanCampaign subscription auto-renewal status.
cspIdstringAlphanumeric identifier of the CSP associated with this campaign.
billedDatestringCampaign recent billed date.
usecasestringCampaign usecase.
subUsecasesstringCampaign sub-usecases.
descriptionstringSummary description of this campaign.
embeddedLinkbooleanDoes message generated by the campaign include URL link in SMS?
embeddedPhonebooleanDoes message generated by the campaign include phone number in SMS?
affilieateMarketingbooleanDoes message content controlled by affiliate marketing other than the brand?
numberPoolbooleanDoes campaign utilize pool of phone nubers?
ageGatedbooleanAge gated content in campaign.
subscriberOptinbooleanDoes campaign require subscriber to opt-in before SMS is sent to subscriber?
subscriberOptoutbooleanDoes campaign support subscriber opt-out keyword(s)?
subsriberHelpbooleanDoes campaign responds to help keyword(s)?
sample1stringMessage sample. Some campaign tiers require 1 or more message samples.
sample2stringMessage sample. Some campaign tiers require 2 or more message samples.
sample3stringMessage sample. Some campaign tiers require 3 or more message samples.
sample4stringMessage sample. Some campaign tiers require 4 or more message samples.
sample5stringMessage sample. Some campaign tiers require 5 or more message samples.
messageFlowstringMessage flow description.
helpMessagestringHelp message of the campaign.
referenceIdstringCaller supplied campaign reference ID. If supplied, the value must be unique across all submitted campaigns. Can be used to prevent duplicate campaign registrations.
mockbooleanCampaign created from mock brand. Mocked campaign cannot be shared with an upstream CNP.
nextRenewalOrExpirationDatestringWhen the campaign would be due for its next renew/bill date.
createDatestringDate-String timestamp when campaign was created.
phoneNumberAssignmentLimitintThe max number of of PhoneNumbers that are able to be assigned to a campaign