A Call has ended and the statusCallbackUrl is being invoked. This is a notification only; All PerCL commands will be ignored.

If full-call recording was requested for this call (via startRecordCall), the recording information will be included here. Note this is different from recordUtterance, and there is the separate record webhook for this command. If a recordUtterance was in progress for a call when the call was completed, any recording for that command will have the record webhook invoked separately for it.

If circumstances caused a zero-length recording to be done, such as a call being hung up very quickly after a startRecordCall was requested, then this webhook will have empty/zero information for the recording.

Request ParameterTypeDescription
requestTypestringContext or reason why this request is being made. Will be callStatus - A Call has ended and the statusCallbackUrl is being invoked.
callIdstringUnique identifier for this Call, generated by FreeClimb.
accountIdstringAccount ID associated with your account.
fromstringPhone number of the party that initiated the Call (in E.164 forma).
tostringPhone number provisioned to the customer and to which this Call is directed (in E.164 format).
callStatusstringDescriptive status for the Call. Valid values are:
completed - Call ended after having been connected.
busy - Caller received a busy signal.
failed - Call could not be completed as dialed, most likely because the phone number was non-existent.
noAnswer - Call ended without being answered.
canceled - Call was canceled via the REST API while queued or ringing.
directionstringString describing the direction of the Call – inbound for inbound calls, outbound for Calls initiated via the REST API, or outboundDial for Calls initiated by the OutDial command.
conferenceIdstringThis is set to null.
queueIdstringThis is set to null.
callDurationstringDuration in seconds of the just-completed Call.
recordingUrl string
required: no
URL of the phone Call's recorded audio.
recordingId string
required: no
ID of the Recording from this Call.
recordingDurationSec string
required: no
Duration of the recorded audio rounded up to the nearest second (in seconds).
parentCallIdstringID of the Call that created this leg (child call).