The Reject command blocks an incoming Call.


Reject must be the very first command in the initial PerCL script that gets returned by the voiceUrl (which is configured for the Application resource of the incoming Call). Otherwise, FreeClimb will silently ignore the Reject command (no notification given).

Using Reject is the only way to prevent FreeClimb from answering a Call. Any other response will result in an answered Call and your account will be billed.

Nesting Rules

You cannot nest any actions within Reject or nest Reject in any other actions.


      "Reject" : {
        "reason":"Number no longer in service"

Command Attributes

Reject supports the following attributes that modify its behavior:



Type: string
Default: null

Reason for the rejection. This can be any string value. In general, applications should use a set of enumerated values that are predefined to cover all exit points of the call flows for the given application.