Using the API

Using the FreeClimb REST API to write applications is easy! You have the option to use the language of your choice or hit the API directly. Your application can execute a command by issuing a RESTful request to the FreeClimb API. The base URL to send HTTP requests to the FreeClimb REST API is: /apiserver. FreeClimb authenticates and processes your request.

Base URL

To use the FreeClimb REST API, send HTTP requests to the base URL:

FreeClimb is served over HTTPS to ensure that your data is secure.


HTTP requests to the FreeClimb REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication --- you use your FreeClimb-generated account ID and API key to authenticate each HTTP request. You can view your credentials under the API credentials section in your Dashboard.


Testing the API

The API Explorer Try It button requires you authenticate with your API credentials, and asks for your username and password. Use your account ID as your username, and your API key as your password.