mockbooleanTest brand.
optionalAttributesobjectOptional brand attributes.
accountIdstringID of the account that created this Brand
brandIdstringUnique identifier assigned to the brand by the registry.
cspIdstringUnique identifier assigned to the csp by the registry.
firstNamestringFirst or given name.
lastNamestringLast or Surname.
displayNamestringDisplay or marketing name of the brand.
companyNamestring(Required for Non-profit/private/public) Legal company name.
einstring(Required for Non-profit) Government assigned corporate tax ID. EIN is 9-digits in U.S.
einIssuingCountrystringISO2 2 characters country code. Example: US - United States
phonestringValid phone number in e.164 international format.
streetstringStreet number and name.
citystringCity name
statestringState. Must be 2 letters code for United States.
postalCodestringPostal codes. Use 5 digit zipcode for United States
countrystringISO2 2 characters country code. Example: US - United States
emailstringValid email address of brand support contact.
stockSymbolstring(Required for public company) stock symbol.
stockExchangestring(Required for public company) stock exchange.
ipAddressstringIP address of the browser requesting to create brand identity.
websitestringBrand website URL.
verticalstringVertical or industry segment of the brand.
universalEinstringUniversal EIN of Brand, Read Only.
referenceIdstringCaller supplied brand reference ID. If supplied, the value must be unique across all submitted brands. Can be used to prevent duplicate brand registrations.
entityTypestringEntity type behind the brand. This is the form of business establishment.
brandRelationshipstringBrand relationship to the CSP
identityStatusstringTCR assessment of the brand identification status.
createDatestringDate-String timestamp when brand was created.
altBusinessIdstringAlternative business ID
altBusinessTypeIdstringAlternative business type ID