A Log instance resource represents a log entry made by FreeClimb in the course of processing a PerCL script or servicing a REST API request. It is mostly useful for debugging purposes. The Logs list resource represents the set of logs generated for an account.

For convenience, a Logs list resource is also available as a subresource of a Call instance resource, since most logging occurs during call processing.

The Log instance resource is unusual in that it exists but is not directly addressable. It also does not have a resource ID.

Resource properties

timestampintegerTime that the log was generated. The time is represented as microseconds since the Unix Epoch.
levelstringLevel of the log. Possible values are info, warning, and error.
requestIdstringID of the request associated with the log. It also appears in the Request-Id HTTP header found in all webhook invocations. This value is propagated across all logs generated by FreeClimb when processing a request.
accountIdstringID of the account that this log was generated under.
callIdstringID of the Call associated with the log. Can be set to null if the log was generated without regard to a specific Call.
messagestringA simple string describing the event being logged.
metadataobjectJSON document containing metadata about the event. Some log messages may include request and response header content in this field.