The Dequeue command transfers control of a Call that is in a Queue so that the waiting caller exits the Queue. Execution continues with the first command in the PerCL script returned by the actionUrl specified in the Enqueue command as long as the call is still in progress. If the call is no longer in progress, any returned PerCL will not be executed.

Dequeue is a terminal command — any commands following it in the same script are not executed.

Nesting Rules

No actions can be nested within Dequeue and Dequeue cannot be nested in any other actions.


A typical scenario where it becomes necessary to dequeue a Call is in the request to the waitUrl of an enqueued Call. If the data in the request indicates that the Call has been in the Queue for too long, you may program your Application to dequeue the Call and advise the caller to call back at a later time.

    "Dequeue" : {}

Command Attributes

Dequeue does not support any attributes.