A queued Call is requesting instructions to execute during the wait in the Queue and the corresponding waitUrl is being invoked. A PerCL response is expected.

The following are the only PerCL commands supported in the PerCL script response to a request to the waitUrl:


Request ParameterTypeDescription
requestTypestringContext or reason why this request is being made. Will be queueWait - A queued call is requesting instructions to execute during the wait in the queue and the corresponding waitUrl is being invoked.
callIdstringUnique ID for this Call, generated by FreeClimb.
accountIdstringAccount ID associated with your account.
fromstringPhone number of the party that initiated the Call (in E.164 format).
tostringPhone number provisioned to the customer and to which this Call is directed (in E.164 format).
callStatusstringDescriptive status for the call. Valid values are:
ringing - Call is currently ringing.
inProgress - Call was answered and is currently in progress (not queued, not in conference).
completed - Call ended normally.
busy - Caller received a busy signal.
failed - Call could not be completed as dialed, most likely because the phone number was non-existent.
noAnswer - Call ended without being answered.
canceled - Call was canceled via the REST API while queued or ringing.
directionstringString describing the direction of the call – inbound for inbound calls, outbound for calls initiated via the REST API, or outboundDial for calls initiated by the OutDial command.
conferenceIdstringThis is only populated if request pertains to a Conference. Otherwise, it is set to null.
queueIdstringID of the Queue the caller is in.
queuePositionstringCurrent queue position of the enqueued Call.
queueTimeintegerTime (in seconds) the Call spent in the Queue. This is only available if the Call was actually enqueued.
currentQueueSizeintegerCurrent number of enqueued Calls in this Queue.